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The living here is great. Hear what the people who have lived or currently live in Cameron Villas have to say about life in the villa.



Emily and Tim P.

Cameron Villas is my favorite place that I’ve lived in in Austin as an adult (and I grew up here). The apartment complex is small and quiet, and all of our neighbors were very friendly. And you cannot beat the location! So close to 183, 290, and 35. I worked north and my husband worked south – neither of us had that bad of a commute due to the location.
My husband and I moved in just after we got married, and it was the perfect first  home together. We had a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment that had a fully updated kitchen and new central air and windows. The apartment was incredibly spacious. The neighborhood (St John) has kind of an unsafe reputation and is currently undergoing some intense gentrification. We felt safe living here – it’s pretty locked down with access only allowed through gates. We moved to Denver so that my husband could go to graduate school at Denver Seminary, and we often joked about picking up the entire complex and taking it with us. Floor plan was great, management was great, and Brian lives in the complex and was always available to fix whatever we needed! 10/10 would live here again. We miss the Villas! – Emily P.

My wife (Emily) already wrote a review, so I echo everything she says. But I wanted to add/emphasize something that was a huge plus… which is the level of involvement of the owner and apartment manager.
In addition to the apartment manager living about 30 seconds away from every unit (it’s a small complex), the owner, Henri, is on site for probably over 40 hrs Mon-Fri. The two of them are constantly renovating and improving the site and its units. A “maintenance request” is almost always as easy as shooting a text message to one of them and expecting day-of response, and often even day-of repair. If you work a regular 9 to 5, they’re able to check out the issue if you can’t make home in time it to show them–although Brian does live there, and graciously visits after hours for any urgent needs. This involvement also extends into community events, such as the elaborate community courtyard Christmas party (big heated tent, a catered meal, music, hot chocolate, etc.). So yeah, that blew us away too.
They could probably charge more for their units considering all of the intangible value here, but speaking with Henri, he seems to just love providing the one source of reasonable rent in the city. The housing market needs more property owners/managers like these dudes.

In summary: this place is an oasis in a city with an insane housing demand, and we wish we could uproot the whole complex and move it to Denver with us. – Tim P.


David C. – Resident since Nov 2012

I have enjoyed every single day I have lived here. I have lived in several different places in Austin since I moved here from Dallas in 1999 and I like this location most of all. Getting to just about any area of town is convenient from Cameron Villas.  And if you’re a Cap-Metro rider even that is simple as it with a bus stop for Route 7 right on the corner.  When it comes to the management and maintenance of Cameron Villas you really couldn’t do any better, the one time i had an A/C issue it was resolved in hours. I love the quiet peaceful environment here and I truly recommend checking out Cameron Villas if you’re looking for an affordable, quiet, clean, conveniently located place to live.



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